[FOB] Rules

Here at [FOB] we have a few rules/guidelines for our members/partners.

1. No Disrespect

2. No Trolling

3. No Language

4. Do NOT post links to improper, unclean, unsafe, etc... websites, videos, pictures, etc...

5. No Inappropriate Avatars

6. Do NOT advertise without the express permission of the leadership team. (This has to do with servers, clans, similar websites, etc...)

7. Clan tags are NOT required. However if you want to show your support for [FOB] you may wear the tags AFTER your home clan's tags. [FOB] will never take priority over your home clan.

For server admins

1. No admin abuse. (This includes using server admin to your advantage ingame.)

2. Do not make rules up as you go. If you would like to suggest a rule you may do so on the forums but do not impose rules without consent of the leadership team.

3. Do not play with server settings (eg: gravity) unless a vote is taken first.

4. If you don't know what it does don't touch it. Ask about it first.

5. All member rules apply to server admins as well.

For the leadership team

1. Do not make decisions on your own initiative unless you are specifically authorized to do so. (eg: making new rules)

2. Treat all members equally.

3. All member and S/A rules apply to leadership team members.

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