Membership Applications

There are two applications to be a member of [FOB]. The individual application is geared toward clanless members or members of clans that do not fit under [FOB]. These members are accepted into [FOB] as if they were joining a clan and are responsible to the Leadership Team for their actions while a part of [FOB]. As [FOB] is not a clan, we do not require your exclusive membership and, in fact, encourage members to become a part of a clan. Similarly, due to the unique structure of [FOB], there should be no conflicts for members of clans who would also like to be a member of [FOB]. We do recommend that applicants get approval from the leadership of any clan that they may be a part of before applying.

The second application is for clans or guilds who want to be a part of the community and be able to use our resources. This form should be filled out and submitted by the ultimate authority in the clan or guild that is applying. The members of a member clan or guild are welcome to use [FOB] resources including the teamspeak server as if they were direct members of [FOB]. They are responsible first to the leadership of their clan or guild who are, in turn, responsible to the Leadership Team. If there is a problem with any member of a member clan or guild that can not be resolved effectively by the leadership of the clan or guild, the Leadership Team will intervene until the issue has been resolved.
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